You there.

Thanks for checking out our new blog.

We want to make the site an ongoing conversation: we’ll tell you a bit about ourselves, and you can return the favor. Tell us your interests, your passions, and why you’re here. It will be the beginning of something wonderful.

But first, a little about us:

1. Three young adults founded BSB in 2009, with the mission to promote social justice through art.

2. Actually, our whole board is young adults.

3. Our flagship project was a documentary in which the original three traveled the west coast, living as migrant farm workers and trying to understand our produce industry.

4. Since then, it has won the Platinum Award for Documentary Film at the Oregon Film Awards.

5. The film has also spread to church groups, missions, and individuals across the country (and the world).

But enough about us. Leave a comment and tell us what fires you up, what social justice means to you, or what you want to see in future posts.

Time to start a conversation.