Inspired by mission trips to the Skagit Valley, WA., four young adults travel up and down the west coast exploring migrant labor in the United States. Beginning in central California., the group spends two weeks picking with migrant workers in the tomato fields of Merced and living in close quarters. Then, the team travels to Oregon to visit a farm and packaging plant in Tualatin and explore how much the public knows about migrant workers and agriculture in Portland. Finally, the group returns to the Skagit Valley to film the migrant camps and follow a pilgrimage to the Tacoma Detention Center, where many illegal immigrants are held.

Watch Blood, Sweat and Berries: a documentary on IndieFlix or purchase your own copy which includes behind the scenes material.

Starting December 16, 2014, you will be able to screen the film for free online at Festival 2015: Humanity Explored which to date has been visited by more than 60 million people from 39,000+ cities and 230+ countries around the world since its debut in 2008.


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