Blood, Sweat and Berries Gets Admitted to the Culture Unplugged Film Festival!

BSB has been on a bit of a hiatus lately:

  • Two of our three directors are currently in medical school,
  • One board member (and blog editor, ahem) had a baby,
  • Our interns’ tenures with us have ended, so blog posts have been sparse, and
  • In light of how busy everyone is, our board is regrouping and strategizing for the future.

But we still have good news: the Blood, Sweat and Berries documentary has been admitted to this year’s Culture Unplugged Film Festival!

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 7.31.32 PM

Culture Unplugged is an organization that brings multicultural and socially-conscious messages to the masses. Since its first online film festival in 2008, over 60 million people have visited the Culture Unplugged site to view original, independent media. This year’s festival theme is “Humanity Explored” and will show films that explore how we as humans are fundamentally connected to one another.

We are so excited to be part of this festival and to show Blood, Sweat and Berries to a global audience. The festival began on December 16—our hard work is available for the world and you for free! Click here to watch (run time is about an hour).

You there.

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We want to make the site an ongoing conversation: we’ll tell you a bit about ourselves, and you can return the favor. Tell us your interests, your passions, and why you’re here. It will be the beginning of something wonderful.

But first, a little about us:

1. Three young adults founded BSB in 2009, with the mission to promote social justice through art.

2. Actually, our whole board is young adults.

3. Our flagship project was a documentary in which the original three traveled the west coast, living as migrant farm workers and trying to understand our produce industry.

4. Since then, it has won the Platinum Award for Documentary Film at the Oregon Film Awards.

5. The film has also spread to church groups, missions, and individuals across the country (and the world).

But enough about us. Leave a comment and tell us what fires you up, what social justice means to you, or what you want to see in future posts.

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