BSB Documentary Reviews

Greetings loyal readers! There are many great documentaries out there, so beginning today I will be posting short reviews in hopes to pique your interest in one that may inspire you, open your mind to something new about this thing called “life.” Most of these films come from “best documentaries” lists, others are low-budget independent films, but all of them have an important story to tell. Now, I’m not saying I’m Gene Siskel or Robert Ebert– these reviews are simply the humble ramblings of a lowly film lover and very amateur filmmaker. Watch the films to form your own opinion so you can discuss the film with me in the comments sections. If you know of a film that should be included I’d love to hear about it; email us at, or let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

-Scott Hines

Scott Hines is a Director for Blood, Sweat and Berries.

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